Cypher Punks (cypherpunks) wrote,
Cypher Punks

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Tragic. Like a donkey.

A donkey carries a burden on its back, able neither to simply cast it off nor to lay down and rest, for its master drives it to plod onwards, and it is a constant struggle. And it carries this burden, endures this hardship, having no other choice.
Good people are like a donkey. We see wrongness, in politics, in business, in society, and know we must do all we can to stop it, or at least to slow it. Once we open our eyes and see the wrong in the world as it truly is, we cannot then choose to cast it aside. It is there always. Nor can we stop and rest. The evil powers that be, and the indifferent sheep that follow, will force us to always be vigilant, never resting. We must plod onwards, carrying the burden of duty for the rest of our lives.
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