Зеленые глаза, в которых на самом деле отражалось такое красивое небо, только это не значило, что одно лишь небо так красиво. Возможно, ты помнишь. Для меня это так и осталось одним из главных воспоминаний тех лет.

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ah dude, i'm losing it. something about being in one place for too long just gets on my nerves. hyperactive when it comes to locality. It's time for novelty.

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It's 3:30 in the morning, I have a presentation tomorrow to prepare for, and what am I doing? Playing with the internet. Oh dear. I should work, and sleep.

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busy and feeling good today!

Bought two new Sun Solaris books yesterday, and they proved to be very handy.
Our stack of servers for this project is reaching the ceiling, we are consuming already more then 5000Watt of power now, and we're only in the pilot phase:) Things are looking good in this project.

And my sister got a little girl last night! Say hi to 'uncle Bas':))

Anyway, back to work!

( Oh, want to know what the 100M-th prime number is? It's 2038074743 after a 16:10:28.9h single processor test run :) Doing a 1G run this weekend... )

Howard Dean

As near as I can tell, Howard Dean is the best of the two-party candidates running in the 2004 U.S. Presidential election. It's a good idea to vote third-party of course, but if for some absurd reason you feel that would be throwing your vote away then I strongly encourage you to vote for Howard Dean. He's intelligent, cannot be bought by corporate interests, and seems to be unusually competent on technological issues.
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Tragic. Like a donkey.

A donkey carries a burden on its back, able neither to simply cast it off nor to lay down and rest, for its master drives it to plod onwards, and it is a constant struggle. And it carries this burden, endures this hardship, having no other choice.
Good people are like a donkey. We see wrongness, in politics, in business, in society, and know we must do all we can to stop it, or at least to slow it. Once we open our eyes and see the wrong in the world as it truly is, we cannot then choose to cast it aside. It is there always. Nor can we stop and rest. The evil powers that be, and the indifferent sheep that follow, will force us to always be vigilant, never resting. We must plod onwards, carrying the burden of duty for the rest of our lives.
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